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Connor Murphy
Feb 16 2013, 02:01 PM
Feb 14 2013, 03:51 PM
I think it's amazing that after all these years, Sweeney still doesn't get her character's family dynamic. Doesn't see Sami as a victim my ass.
No one understands a character more than the actor that portrays them.

I feel as if AS has taken on Sami's view of herself. "I'm a cute fiesty girl who does what I need to do to protect my family / the man I currently love " mantra.

Other actors seem to be able to take a step back (JS . EM, AZ, ED, KA, DH and DH) and go yes this character is completely nuts but that's what makes the show and that's what is interesting about the character whereas AS seems to think the character of Sami is fully justified in all her actions and we should just love her for it because she's so dam cute and fiesty. She doesn't seem to realise that there's a whole wide segment of the audience who thinks Sami i's just a self indulgent, fickle, space cadet who's so caught up in herself she doesn't realise the damage she is doing to everyone around her.
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