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Quoting limited to 4 levels deep
Stefano wasnt aware of and didn't support the John Black embezzling stuff.

Stefano was kidnapped when he arranged the Stephanie kidnapping.

Don't think Stefano was vaguely involved with the Will blackmailing.

EJ doesn't do bad stuff because of Stefano, EJ does bad stuff to further his own agenda.
Absolutely, EJ does bad stuff to further his own agenda. Who did he learn that from?

Taking the examples you list:

- Do you recall the scene where EJ said the reason why he embezzled money from Basic Black? It was to prove himself to Stefano.

-Didn't EJ have Stephanie kidnapped because they had Stefano?

- I have a hard time putting EJ blackmailing Will into the column of EJ's darker crimes, whether Stefano was present or not, which we know he wasn't. EJ wouldn't have even blackmailed Will to begin with if Will didn't try to blackmail him first.
It was to prove himself to Stefano partially but it was mainly to further his agenda of cleaning up the DImera name so that HIS children would be proud of HIM so that HE could get them back because thats what HE wanted.

Yes Stephanie was kidnapped because they had Stefano but there were probably other ways he could have gone about getting Stefano back it was EJ's decision to use that tactic.

My point is EJ will do bad stuff if its going to help him get what he wants, EJ will do good stuff if its going to help him get what he wants. (ie exposing John being kept in the basement by Stefano, saving pregnant Sami from handing over stem cells)

Stefano being there or not being there is irrelevant to whether EJ will do bad stuff.
Well, we could go back and forth on the motives for the two crimes, but irregardless I disagree that Stefano is irrelevant to EJ doing bad stuff. Not when that's who he learned it from and as recent as last year was still doing bad stuff to earn his approval and favor.

Stefano doesn't have to be there for EJ to do bad things. I agree on that and I don't see anyone disagreeing with that fact. It matters what is in Sami's mind. Sami knows that Stefano has been the primary influence on why EJ did evil things (not the sole influence mind you). Stefano taught him well. I can't fault her either for feeling more confident in EJ's resolve without Stefano being around. I think she sees EJ's need for Stefano's conditional love as his Achilles heel. Ironically enough, Stefano has given EJ tongue lashing after tongue lashing for letting Sami be his Achilles heel and get in the way of his 'Dimera ways'.

Which is why I am very curious what happens to the EJami dyamic when Stefano does return. They are in unchartered waters when that happens and I hope it is a source of angst for them. Angst they can overcome mind you. ;)
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