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2/18, Brooke prepares to surprise Liam and Hope with an impromptu wedding; Hope shoots Oliver down when he tells her he still has feelings for her; Rick makes a pitch for Hope to Liam; Taylor accompanies Steffy to her appointment with the obstetrician.

2/19, Steffy's overjoyed when she hears her baby's heartbeat; Oliver offers Hope his best wishes; Liam feels pressured to make a decision quickly; Brooke encourages Father Fontana to have a talk with Liam.

2/20, Hope and Liam are stunned by Brooke's surprise; Steffy and Taylor rush to stop Liam from marrying Hope; Eric wants Rick and Thomas to learn to collaborate with each other.

2/21, Word of Steffy's pregnancy gets out, and Liam, Hope and Brooke are all shocked; Steffy explains why she kept her secret for so long; Caroline is displeased when Rick surprises her with a last-minute change in venue for their romantic date.

2/22, Hope and Steffy verbally lash out at each other; Taylor yells at Brooke for meddling; Rick's botched evening takes a turn for the better; Maya displays a talent she has been suppressing for many years.

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