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Harlee Kin
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Oh my God. Just, when I think I can watch the show and ignore Sami she is gets even uglier. Tormenting a pregnant woman? She is the WORST character on this show, and Gabi will make no less of a mom than she does. I cannot believe they give this character ZERO repercussions for her acts ZERO! Do you think I gave one flit how many Valentine's day gifts this woman got? Do you think I as a woman want to watch an unbridled bitch terrorize people, connive, live and get away with it and then have sex? This is too much already. What is her great love EJ going to do? Help her put the screws to Gabi while she is in the hospital - he could say "Hey lover, love of my life I love you so, remember how the ratings took a nosedive when you were pregnant and I terrorized you? Let's do it again, to Gabi. Hoe about I take out her spleen too?


Gabi is a realistic character, Sami is not. Gabi feels bad for what she has done and tries to fix things by making more bad mistakes and she pays. She may not have gone to jail but neither did EJ or Sami so who the F cares!

I was all excited at the Eric and Nicole storyline, and BAM. They have to insist on the Sami Show again.
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