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Feb 15 2013, 02:19 PM
This story is horrible for the character of Jennifer. It's not wonderful for the character of Chloe, either. There are some good things on Chloe's end of it - seeing her take ANY kind of initiative after letting others determine her fate for so long, and her scheming friendship with Anne - but it doesn't reflect so well on her either. She's willing to use that kid as a toy and a ploy - and talk openly to him about it - which is lame. The one character who, unsurprisingly, seems to be coming out smelling of roses so far is Daniel. Daniel's being written as wise to Chloe while Jennifer is increasingly insecure. He's being written as a wonderful, selfless father while Chloe is written as a mother who cares more about snagging her man than paying full attention to her child's welfare during a period of upheaval in his life. This is what bothers me. The women come out looking varying degrees of awful but he's always Mr. Perfect.
This is true, but in a way I think he's suffered too... for a long time I thought he was interesting in spite of the problematic writing, but the character has lost his edge.
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