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Watched all of the reels that were possible to watch. Some surprises honestly. Here's my pre-nomination predictions. In order by show, not by any other ranking.

** = couldn't find the reel to watch/re-watch, but based on history of the actor or summary of the scenes

Supporting Actor
1. Scott Clifton, B&B**
2. Blake Berris, DAYS
3. James Reynolds, DAYS
4. Bradford Anderson, GH
5. Brandon Barash, GH
6. Sean Kanan, GH
7. John J. York, GH
8. Billy Miller, Y&R
9. Peter Porte, Y&R
10. Greg Rikaart, Y&R**
Summary : The closest one to being out on this list for me would be Sean Kanan. He's kinda in there by default. The list is very top very. Some bad reels aside from the really good ones. I am confident in Scott Clifton, he's an Emmy favorite so without seeing that reel I'm okay. If Greg Rikaart's reel is bad (I didn't see that epi) I would guess Jeff Branson would take his place. 19 submissions! This thing is wide open. I'd say there's a Top 3 or 4 with really good odds though

Supporting Actress
1. Katherine Kelly Lang, B&B
2. Arianne Zucker, DAYS
3. Julie Marie Berman, GH
4. Kassie DePaiva, GH
5. Nancy Lee Grahn, GH
6. Rebecca Herbst, GH
7. Robin Mattson, GH
8. Jessica Collins, Y&R**
9. Melissa Claire Egan, Y&R
10. Elizabeth Hendrickson, Y&R**
Summary : Another one with just a lot of submissions. 18. I didn't see Jessica Collins, Judith Chapman, or Elizabeth Hendrickson's reels. Hendrickson was nominated last year and Jessica Collins is just good all of the time. Made predictions a little difficult. I personally love Judith Chapman, but she is so campy I don't know. Impossible to judge without the scenes so I'm leaving her off. To include the other two unseens, I bumped Lisa LoCicero off the list along with Suzanne Rogers. There are some POWERHOUSE performances here. I think KKL is the massive favorite, but I saw some others with winning potential. Too bad this is just the first round. I think RM had better material so I hope she advances and submits something better. Kassie DePaiva's GH reel is infinitely better than her OLTL leading reel.

Lead Actor
1. Don Diamont, B&B**
2. John McCook, B&B
3. Maurice Benard, GH
4. Roger Howarth, GH
5. Jason Thompson, GH
6. Peter Bergman, Y&R
7. Doug Davidson, Y&R
8. Christian LeBlanc, Y&R**
9. Michael Muhney, Y&R
10. Stephen Nichols, Y&R
Summary : Lead Actor feels a little lackluster this year and I'm not sure why. For me Jason Thompson is just a massive blowout here, but I'm not sure how the voters will score it. Doug Davidson has such a good reel. He would be my favorite for Supporting Actor and I have no idea why he put himself in Lead. My 10th slot is going to Stephen Nichols, but it easily could be Galen Gering in there. His reel was not bad, surprisingly, and some of the rest just aren't great. I love Joe Mascolo and his reel is actually really GREAT tv, but not sure how it works as a standalone scene. I can't see him getting the votes, but with 10 out of 13 making it really anything could happen. Except Ron Moss. Unless he gets courtesy votes just for the pre-nom. Did not see CLB's but lets be honest.

Lead Actress
1. Susan Flannery, B&B
2. Heather Tom, B&B
3. Peggy McKay, DAYS
4. Finola Hughes, GH
5. Kelly Monaco, GH
6. Laura Wright, GH
7. Kassie DePaiva, OLTL
8. Sharon Case, Y&R
9. Jeanne Cooper, Y&R
10. Melody Thomas Scott, Y&R
Summary : Again 10 out of 13 are advancing so really anything could happen. I'd say there's like a top 7 in this category and the bottom 6 are pretty interchangable. Michelle Stafford's reel is horrid, but I expect her to get enough votes. She's not going on my list even though I kinda predict it. I just can't make myself put her on there. There's 3 TOP TOP reels for me, but we will see. So really I'm giving the spot to Peggy McKay, I couldn't find Deidre Hall's reel because the description was beyond vague. She talked to Will in the Pub at least 45 times over the year. So the last spot is really a Peggy McKay/Deidre Hall tossup and MS getting the real votes. Can I mention how angry I am that Erika Slezak didn't submit?
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