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Feb 16 2013, 09:39 PM
Jennifer's virginity worked very well in her story and was handled nicely. Sounds like Abby's is being handled stupidly and, as you say, is just because she's Jennifer's daughter. It seems pointless. Or the only point in something pointless or something. Anyway, the whole thing sounds pretty lame.

Okay, they did do the incredible sinking ship proof diaphragm thing with Jennifer, which was a bit silly, but strangely funny and cute too.
Technically, the diaphragm wasn't connected to Jennifer's virginity or lack thereof; it was part of the "safe sex" angle the show decided to add to the mix. Jennifer was being responsible (and so was Jack in reminding her about it). I guess that was supposed to help us overlook the not-so-nice fact that she boarded the ship with said diaphragm while still technically engaged to Emilio. :)

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