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Gabi's real stress stems from the fact that she has a huge secret that she is afraid will come out. That's on her, not Sami.
While that may be true something tells me its the harpy shrieking in her face every time she turns around that's mainly the problem at this point.
Yes. I don't doubt that Gabi is afraid of her secret coming out, but that in no way cancels out the damage Sami is doing. Nor do Gabi's misdeeds inoculate Sami from criticism. There is no way Sami's behavior can be excused in my eyes, and that's not just because I happen to not like Sami. If Nicole, Chloe, Kate or any of the female characters I actually like - let alone male characters - were regularly shouting at and threatening a pregnant woman in this way it'd be just as off-putting.
Let me get this strait so when Smai was pregnant, and she had the stress of a fued, SOmeone trying to harvest stem cells from her baby's, and her family nagging her all of the time it was ok? WHen she had a crazy hitman after her it was ok? Sami has only lashed out at Gabie twice, and next week will be the third time. If you ask me Rafe, and Nick are the one's adding oil to the flames. After the wedding why did Sami go after Gabie? Because she found out that they were going to have a quick wedding at the court house. Gabie was going to go along with it until Rafe told her not to. Be honest if someone did a move like that to your child, or someone you love with a temper like Sami would you not want to go off on that person first just by going on your emotions? Then she said she was sorry after she found out about them letting will be a part of the sonagram.

Rafe is the one that went off about WIll being a part of the baby's life. Sami tried to say she was sorry again, and that as long as Gabie allowed Will to have rights to his child there wouldn't be a problem. So what does Rafe say ? I'm sure that Gabie will "let" Will see the baby. That is what set Sami off, because she said that she was talking about Gabie and Will having equal rights to the baby.

Now what does Rafe say? I'm not going to let you try to make this child a prize to be won. Where the heck did that come from? How the heck do you get that from her saying both parents should have joint custody. So what does Rafe do he runs right to Gabie to tell her Sami is tyring to take the baby away from her. Wow Rafe you just keep adding more and more stress to your sister.

To top it off Sami is going off again because she thinks Gabie is trying to stall and not take the test. My guess is it has something to do with what Julie says to her. No matter what Gabie claims she would do everything that Sami said she would do in a heart beat. The way that she talked to Sonny about having a bond with Will that he would never have proves it. Chad, Sonny, EJ, and Smai all see her for who and what she really is, and the rest of the town will see it too when her lies are exposed. WHen that day comes I will be glues to my t.v. :popcorn: :popcorn: :popcorn: and :cheer:
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