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Life is awesome

I'm delighted with where this thread has gone in the last couple of pages. :cheer: I've always been dead set against Jarlena-style kisses but when it's your couple doing it I suppose the amount of slack given increases exponentially. Sweeney does tend to be very conservative with her kisses so this is a nice change.

Gabi and Will were cute today and I am not a Gabi fan at all. She's buying a clue about Nick (not enough of a clue alas) and she's being nice to Will. We'll see how I feel about her next week. Nick is just continuing to creep me out in a really fun way. There's all sorts of scheming going on in that head of his and his insistence that Sami and EJ are to blame is making me all kinds of happy, that's going to be an interesting battle down the line. I would really love it if EJ actually had a scene with Nick or observed some of his behaviour that would set off his 2007 BSC alarm. EJ definitely has a history of totally mind-fucking people over and I would really enjoy him recognizing some of that in Nick and utilizing that knowledge going forward in this custody battle. Kate and Rafe teaming up to try and suss out what Nick's intentions are worked for me as well. Those two together in scenes are much more palatable than I believed they would be. Other than the fact I'm finding it a tad disturbing that Kate's intelligence is coming out when she's around Rafe of all people, I'm on board with their dalliance.

And my EJami... :cloud9: Still living the dream with those two. Cute banter and a classic misunderstanding, I loved it! Although honestly EJ has got to buy a clue, a ring on Valentine's Day sends a very distinct signal to a woman. I'm totally getting where Sami's coming from on this. I'm happy that it's being established that Sami really does want a future with EJ and I'm especially glad that he knows that too. And yes, her wearing his tie post lovin' put a big, old smile on my face, as did the line "Not the face!" EJ's face being injured in any way always scares the crap out of me. My Hot Face must forever remain unscathed.

I do find myself suffering from Ericole withdrawal, though. Glad they'll be back next week.

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