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Feb 17 2013, 07:14 AM
Feb 17 2013, 05:39 AM
Feb 15 2013, 07:17 PM
I think it's pretty damn creepy that Sonny thinks its cool that Will would be willing to give up his child for him.

Bring back Brian.
This. Sonny actually seemed flattered that Will would give up his child for him. Who acts like that? Who thinks that's a good thing?
He didn't seem flattered.

IMO he seems to now realize just how deep Will's feelings for him go. That is what he's flattered and touched about. it's not the fact that Will was willing to give up the baby. it's realizing how deep in love with Sonny, Will really is.
And while I maintain that onscreen we saw Will far more worried about his child being raised in a broken home, his feelings for Sonny did factor in the decision. Will seems to know this is messed up, and although Sonny realizes the depth of Will's feelings, he didn't seem like he thought this was romantic.

And yes, people need to stop pointing fingers at Will like a baby is a winning lottery ticket that he was crazy and evil and selfish to consider giving the child up. A young college student with no means, not married to the mother, gay and in a new, first love - would be irresponsible not to consider giving up his child for adoption (legally and with counseling, of course). Wanting a baby and being able to care for it emotionally and financially are not the same things. And wanting to experience young love unfettered with the responsibility of an unplanned child hardly constitutes a black soul, but rather a natural reaction, it's just one of the spectrum of reasons Will felt he was unready. Eventually, Will decided that he did want the child and was willing to take on the responsibility.
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