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He didn't seem flattered.

IMO he seems to now realize just how deep Will's feelings for him go. That is what he's flattered and touched about. it's not the fact that Will was willing to give up the baby. it's realizing how deep in love with Sonny, Will really is.
No. Sonny seemed turned on. He cracked a smile and was close to fanning himself. After that, he was all set to give Will another chance. So, he thinks it's cool that Will gave up his child for him. What does that say about Sonny?
Could you please provide the link when this happened because that is not what they showed in my area. I'm watching the scene now and there is not a smile to be found. Also, if you think Sonny was almost fanning himself, you must get into a lot of awkward situations thinking someone is all hot and bothered when they are actually just showing someone some compassion. The only look I saw on Sonny's face was sadness.
No, no one was turned on. There was a lot of sadness and maybe some compassion. I don't think Sonny is happy at all that Will was going to give up his baby for him...I think maybe he's just getting a bit of Wil's perspective is all. He's possibly starting to find out just how difficult it was for Will to make that decision. And Will knows it was a mistake now (if you are to believe he did it for Sonny, which isn't what was originally portrayed) If he were to do it all over I doubt he'd make the same decision because he realizes just how much he loves this baby already. I'm hoping we get a very emotional heart to heart and that all of these things are addressed once and for all. I tend to think Sonny will still give him a bit of a hard time for not trusting in him and his love more.
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