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Connor Murphy
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not true....usually actors have issues portraying a character that continues to change at the whim of every writing change. JS has expressed this on and off throughout the years himself. Ali Sweeney SHOULD know that Sami seeing her family being opposed to Ej/The DImeras has never stopped the character from actually being with Ej or any Dimera....frankly that was the entire purpose of that intervention at the church before Ejami's black wedding....they tried to stop her (ALL OF THEM) and she didn't care.
AS has expressed her displeasure with the way her character had been written during the Safe period too. She's been lumberjack plaid wearing pod Sami for the last three or four years. She's beyond thrilled that Sami's going back to her formal self. Sami is a villain and AS is happy to go back to some of that. That's probably why she doesn't consider her character as a victim. Actually, I've never considered Sami a victim either, there's been a lot of tit for tat between her and EJ. I think she topped everything he did with the bullet in the head. Only Sami and EJ can look back and laugh about it.

All I'm saying is, Ejami is refreshing to me. IMO her character fits best with him, and why shouldn't AS be happy about finally getting a chance to explore it? They've got a lot of support and if the writers will write Sami and EJ in character and not rehash past storylines, there could be lots of good stuff coming.
AS has also said that she loved how her character grew while with safe. I think that the lesson to be learned is to form your own opinion regardless of what AS says. Whether or not she loves or hates it shouldn't affect our own opinions. That's true of any actor.
Exactly. I remember she and GG gave an interview a couple of years ago when she was asked if she liked the way her character was being written and if she enjoyed playing the good girl. She said she enjoyed being the good girl and welcomed the change. Her opinion of her character apparently changes with how Sami is written. I have learned not to put much stock in what she says about Sami.
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