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AS has also said that she loved how her character grew while with safe. I think that the lesson to be learned is to form your own opinion regardless of what AS says. Whether or not she loves or hates it shouldn't affect our own opinions. That's true of any actor.
Exactly. I remember she and GG gave an interview a couple of years ago when she was asked if she liked the way her character was being written and if she enjoyed playing the good girl. She said she enjoyed being the good girl and welcomed the change. Her opinion of her character apparently changes with how Sami is written. I have learned not to put much stock in what she says about Sami.
She mentioned several times that she missed the old Sami, but it's irrelevant really, since the characters are at the mercy of the writers. Anyways, she's entitled to her own views and opininions too, and doesn't have to be crucified for it on the social media. We all have the option of switching the channel.
I certainly understand Ali that she likes the story with James, as an actor, you always want to be challenged and it's always a joy to see the two actors click as well, it's usually more fun to play more shady and complex than one noted character. Anyway, I find them entertaining and seeing lots of story possibilities for this couple, but then it's like I said up to the writers how they choose to write them. And as someone said, it does not matter what an actor prefer because they do not have the final say in terms of storyline.
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