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While that may be true something tells me its the harpy shrieking in her face every time she turns around that's mainly the problem at this point.
Yes. I don't doubt that Gabi is afraid of her secret coming out, but that in no way cancels out the damage Sami is doing. Nor do Gabi's misdeeds inoculate Sami from criticism. There is no way Sami's behavior can be excused in my eyes, and that's not just because I happen to not like Sami. If Nicole, Chloe, Kate or any of the female characters I actually like - let alone male characters - were regularly shouting at and threatening a pregnant woman in this way it'd be just as off-putting.
Yes! Whatever Gabi has done, she is pregnant with a grandchild that Sami claims she wants to see. How about backing off idiot and letting the kid see daylight? Whatever Sami went through in her pregnancies does not make her justified in brutalizing another pregnant woman. If anything, it should make her catch a clue. I think that eyeroll is more about Sami remembering what terrible things she did when she had children and wanted to get her way (lying about Will's paternity, claiming Lucas abused Will, lying to EJ about Grace, etc) and projecting that on to Gabi. Still not an excuse.

What I find amusing is that Gabi is getting trashed, but for what? Wanting to get married? She knows Sonny doesn't like her, and yet she was supportive of Will's love for him. She even whitewashed Sami to Rafe to try to calm the waters between them. Would Sami do that? I don't think so.
Why does Sonny not like her? because he knows she is partly responsible for what happend to Melanie, and the rest of the town. That she played a part in his uncles death, and the death of his cousin's fiance. Lets be honest if it comes down to what Gabie wants and what Will wants Gabie will choose herself in a heart beat. Sami was going to sit back and let things go until she saw the crap that they were trying to pull behind Will's back. Look at the facts she didn't do anything until they did something first. Gabie wants Nick to be a father to her child, and Will doesn't see what Gabie, and Nick are capable of like everyone else. HE has on the rose color glasses that Sami had on for Rafe. Sami is afraid that the will figure it out too late. How long are they supposed to wait until after she has the baby when it will be too late? The baby will be here in a few months so yes she is tyring to help her son.
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