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just joey

Feb 15 2013, 09:13 PM
One spoiler that does interest me: the Hope & Oliver one.
Zach Conroy is chronically underused on B&B, and he's a sexy looking man, it's time Oliver got some air time, even if it's with Hope.

I'm presuming Bill's going to come to the rescue of Brooke and her kids when Taylor gains all that power at Forrester(presumably from marrying Eric)
Won't do Bill no good coming to Brookes rescue. He only has 12 . 5 % stock. So if Eric marries Taylor they will hold the majority of the shares. Than I would love to see Taylor kick that HOE Bitch Brooke, Hoepe & Rick's ass , out of the company!!! Than Brooke can go BOO HOOING , to Bill & he can hire her, at S.P. as his " Private " secretary :sex: . I'm glad that Eric & Taylor get's together.
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