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As a long time devoted Jennifer and Jack fan I used to feel compelled to find a way to defend the Jennifer character no matter what because I felt a loyalty to do so but now sadly I am at the point where I am completely indifferent as to what happens.

In this storyline are three characters who I just do not care what happens to them, the writers have really done a number on the three of them in various ways over the past few years.

When Daniel arrived he had some potential with Chelsea and having an older man/younger woman romance being paired together and the reactions it caused with other characters could have been interesting and in the case of Bo quite a amusing. Sure at the time it was not everyone's cup of tea but to me it had possibilities. Instead it was all shut down as fast as it began and Daniel was thrown together with Kate then Chloe then Jennifer then Nicole then back to Jennifer in the space of a couple of years ( give or take a couple of months) The same with Chloe who has ran the gammet of being a host of a TV program ( when she was married to Lucas),to being unfaithful to Lucas with Daniel and then being unfaithful to Daniel with Philip to doing tricks as a Prostie to survive. That is a lot of switching even for a Soap character. :huh:

Then we have Jennifer, who was always susceptible and at times fickle to various males when Jack was not in the picture. She falls for the town saviour Daniel then continues to be being confused about who she should love when Jack returns even when she found out that Jack actually had not left her but was being tortured and held hostage. In the end she chooses Jack because Daniel bows out ( what a guy!!) A small J & J reunion ensues and then Jack is killed off yet again. Next thing we know the dirt had barely hardened on Jack's grave and she was setting her sights on Daniel again and did crazy things like having Nicole live at her house. No wonder all our heads are spinning. What perplexes me the most is why the writers cannot get their act together and take a breath and see that this is just making it so hard for anyone to like any of these three never mind care enough about what is going to happen next or if the charcaters stay or go. When any of them are on I use the time to have a bathroom break, make a cup of coffee or go outside and have a cigarette. I am over these three.
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