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What?! No Kristian Alfonso for best female comeback?? ~ That was amazing imo.

I first started watching DAYS with episodes fom 1993, so I never knew Bo & Hope as a couple- or that KA was on DAYS before. I had only seen her on Melrose Place & Baywatch, then we saw the mystery woman's face and it was KA's. I was thrilled because I loved her on the shows mentioned.. Then as time would go on, and Peter Reckell came back as Bo, REAL flashbacks could be used and I saw snippets of them from the 80's- and LOVED it. Then came YT with MANY Bope clips/ SLs- I was in heaven discovering it all :wub:

I can only imagine what Hope/Bope fans fom the 80's must've felt like that day back in 1994...
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