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Feb 18 2013, 08:53 AM
Feb 18 2013, 08:46 AM
It's interesting how the EJ/Sami sex did not increase Monday's rating for Days.
And Mondays are normally Days highest rating day. Proves trending does nothing. I agree with Lysie based on the dailies I thought Days would have dropped more. I'm just glad that on the days that lucas was on the show hit a 2.0...last week too. Hey Days write for lucas will ya?
I KNOW! I love that Lucas always seems to be connected to their highest days. Seriously, write for him!!!

Also I had to giggle that the day Safe was fighting was much more of draw then Ej and Sami being gross (Mon). Love it.

I know no couple makes or breaks the ratings--but it's sure interesting to see who's on and what's going on the best rated days. I know that I personally base MY viewing on who's on that day and I'm sure others do the same. BTW, I use to never miss, no matter who's on and I would set up every DVR we have and let them run to help with ratings. Those days are gone.

Being in last place is not good--even if it "doesn't matter here" as some say here. If you care it does matter. I don't mind them being in last right now because they deserve it. If they write for Lucas, then they might deserve a little higher!
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