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Feb 18 2013, 10:56 AM
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Also I had to giggle that the day Safe was fighting was much more of draw then Ej and Sami being gross (Mon). Love it.
The day that Safe had their big fight was actually Wednesday, the day with the lowest number of viewers.

I noticed that all of the shows had a drop off in viewers from Monday to Tuesday, although DAYS fared better than the others. Y&R dropped over 12%, GH dropped over 10%, B&B over 9%, DAYS dropped less than 2%.
Oh ok, I found it, you are correct. The Safe fight was Wednesday. Soo that actually means that Dan and Jenn planning a trip to Chicago on Thursday beat out Ej and Sami being nasty on Monday---OK :cart: that's even funnier!! haha
Using that logic, I guess you could say that Jen & Dans trip planning beat out anything Rafe as well.

Or we could just talk about the show as a whole and say that it's in a lot better place than it was a few months ago. The demos are up, the ratings are decent, and the stories are progressing.

And apparently, the show is making money.

And as for Thursday, I choose to believe that Johnny running in the door saying "I'm Baaaaack!" is what made the ratings soar! :wub2:

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