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The Room Stops
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I have four that come to mind:

1985. When Marlena shot him, on that catwalk. It was just this culmination of everything that had happened the last three years. Marlena wasn't psychotic, she was just lost in grief (Stefano killed Roman) and tired of being afraid for her family. And Stefano actually seemed scared of Marlena. Which is why I find the Stefano/Marlena relationship so interesting. Marlena is really, the closest thing to a real threat to Stefano. John may have the knowledge that Stefano taught him, but Stefano had actual feelings for Marlena. He wanted to kill everything she stands for and everyone she loves, as much as he wants to make her love him. I wish we'd continue to see that, but thankfully, DH and JM play up that little creepy-factor in every scene they have.

1993. When Marlena sees Stefano. He'd been gone for two years, Marlena is 9 months pregnant and she turns around, sees a figure in a wheelchair, and she just sort of knows. And then when he turns around...? CHILLS. CHILLS! Especially as the audience, because you know that Marlena is pregnant with John's child, but she's also married to Roman. The three people who hate Stefano the most. And there he is. And her "friend", Kristen, is by his side, the ever loving daughter. It's just really good stuff.


1996. In Aremid, Marlena seduces Stefano to save John's life. Another scene that truly shows that Marlena is Stefano's weakness. And ignoring the fact that Marlena seduces the man who's almost ruined/taken her life so many times, for the sake of saving John's... sweet mother of all that is angst! I love this scene because we, as the audience have known that Stefano has been faking his amnesia, but Marlena's still sort of reeling from that fact (Stefano doesn't know that she knows). Marlena's been by his side to help him get better, because she has a soul and conscience, and feels guilty for throwing him off the ledge when she was possessed (which was Stefano's fault in the first place.... damn, I miss you Reilly).

1996. While holding her in the cage, Stefano offers Marlena her freedom, in exchange for one night with her. She's debated it for a long time, and eventually is so desperate that she agrees. They have dinner, it's all good and creepy. Marlena looks pained, but she's determined to get through it... and when it's about to happen, Stefano can't. And that's the complexity of this character. Yes, he wants Marlena. Yes, he hates everything she stands for. But he also wants and truly believes, that in time she will come to him. She will love him, eventually, if he courts her (in his way) and shows her how far he's willing to go for her. But he can't force her (thus, raping her).

That's what seperates Stefano from Tony and EJ. He wasn't willing to rape the woman he claimed to love. He couldn't go through with it in the end. 1997 is when I feel we sort of saw the last of the real Stefano, the real villain... He was evil, but like all good villains, he had just one weakness.

In just a purely "I heart Joe Mascolo" way... I love when Stefano buys Marlena the burgers from the Brady Pub. It's just so non-Stefano, but so sweet.
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