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Harlee Kin
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Sweet and Salty
Feb 18 2013, 05:32 PM
Mad they are SOOOO writing Chloe out of Character!! I don't like this total misrepresentation!!

Lucas is awesome however! Stick it to Dan the "can't keep it zipped" man! Woot woot!!

Eric and Nicole are Hawt!! Chemistry beyond chemistry! Love them back together!! Well...hopefully back together!

So so sad Rafe has to settle for Kate. She's not the same without Steffie.
Chloe is painful. PAINFUL. I read the comments and then watched, I was all prepared to be mad a Victor and you know what? I would throw her out and tell her to go back to hooking. Can someone, anyone, ANYONE on the writing team remember she is a celebrated Opera singer? How did ghoul Girl end up with "kids"? Who were the kids plural she was "working"with? Her green cleaning tirade was out of place and sorta psycho. She is just a nightmare. Does every woman have to be stupid or a bitch?

And Jennifer SHUT UP! Did she blame Nicole for her lying? She can leave town with Mr. Can't Keep it Zipped. LMAO, Lucas amused me today.
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