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I thought there was a whole lot of WTFery in this episode. First of all, there is no way Victor could have been so easily manipulated by Chloe. She is not that crafty and clever while Victor is not that stupid and gullible.

Second, when did Nicole and Jennifer become such good friends? This rewrite pisses me off more than anything else right now. Those two should be enemies, much like Nicole and Lucas are.

Speaking of Lucas, he sure was a snippy liar with Daniel today. I want to see more of this version of Lucas, especially when it comes to the baby story. His skill set is being wasted on that loser Daniel. It's probably not an even a challenge for Lucas as I think Parker could pull off the same stunt with Daniel.

Those Nick\Rafe\Kate scenes sure seemed to have no place in this episode given the context of everything else that was going on. I wonder if some things in this episode ended up on the cutting room floor while more scenes related to the top notch baby story were inserted in their place.
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