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I haven't commented much (I usually save up a few eps now and just watch) but I watched today live and enjoyed all the interactions.

Loved Brady telling Dan he wasn't in highschool anymore. Dan and Jen's relationship is so juvenile. I hate how Jennifer is written in it. Whenever she's not around that thing she's somewhat tolerable lately. Still a lot of work to do on her though.

Kristen and Stefano ... sigh. They work so well together. Add me in to those who cannot WAIT to see them in the same room together. I'm going to miss his hideaway though.

Kate and Rafe shockingly and oddly intrigue me. I KINDA like them around each other. I loved the interaction with Nick. They're setting up his epic fall from grace pretty nicely.

I'm not overall a fan of what lead to the Nick/Gabi/Will rush job but I LOVE all the layers. It's nice to see a story where just about everyone is involved one way or another.

Chloe has been made of so much win this go around. I like that she's just being whoever she wants to be and doesn't care. Her and Victor was glorious. Victor has some fantastic lines. The writers must love writing for him.

Boy, Lucas is GRUMPY. DAMN. I guess I would be too if I were him. I love him though. His comments and remarks are hilarious. I'm shocked they're using him more! Could the fact that they ARE using him more be why he told fans to chill with the campaining for him?? I hope it continues. It's been really nice seeing more of Victor, Stefano and Lucas and all of them are actually being written fairly in character.

I had to laugh at just how bad the Nick scenes were. Like bad in an 80s soap cheesey sort of way. The dramatic poses, the piss-poor background music, the "moody" lighting ... lmao. It was bad. But I can't wait to see his "prison buddy" get out. Yet another complication.

And Eric and Nicole? SIGH. I don't ever fanboy couples but I'm so jumping on their ship.
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