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Feb 18 2013, 09:09 PM
Feb 18 2013, 05:23 PM

I've said it before, but it bears repeating: Third-run Jennifer sucks donkey balls. If there's any truth to the rumor that TIIC have gotten a clue and Dannifer's days are numbered, I hope they end in maximum pain and humiliation for Jen-Jen, and that she spends the rest of her run cursing her own stupidity and hating herself for even thinking her shallow "relationship" with Daniel was worth mentioning in the same breath as her life with Jack.

So, does the rumor that they're going to break up Daniel and Jennifer have legs? Did it come from a reliable source?

I'd like for them to break up. I don't really like Daniel all that much, but honestly JENNIFER has been the one I've objected to the most lately, surprisingly.

The way she treated Jack while he was dealing with his PTSD. The way she couldn't even be bothered to be Jack's FRIEND so often. The way she went back to him only after Daniel broke up with her. The way she resumed her relationship with Dan so quickly after Jack's death. The way she's trying dealing with Parker's existence. The ultimatum I've heard she's going to give Daniel...

Daniel's just a player. He's got a "rescue" complex, and he jumps from woman to woman pretty quickly. While he's shallow that way, he can be a good guy in some ways. I can tolerate him, though I don't really LIKE him...and figure he could actually grow up someday.

Jennifer, though...She WAS a grown up, and now she's acting like a kid. She's been awful for quite some time. The way she was with Jack. Nicole. The coming ultimatum.

I'm less than impressed.

The rumor arose a couple of months ago, not long after the publication of the SOD poll that showed 96% of respondents opposed Dannifer, and only 4% supported them. I don't know exactly where it originated, and I wasn't the one who introduced it, but it's popped up a few more times since then, here and there. I would like to believe it wasn't without foundation, but who knows? Given the insane taping schedule, anything could be happening or have already happened with these characters.

I do agree that Jennifer's in far worse shape than Daniel. He was always shallow, lightweight, and fickle. But Jennifer used to have substance--she used to be admired, respected, and even loved for her spunk, intelligence, and compassion. This two-time pairing with Daniel has dragged her down to his level, and it's not a pretty sight. Cutting her loose from him may be the only way to salvage what the character used to be, and even then I'm not overly optimistic because the damage has been so severe.
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