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Feb 19 2013, 01:22 AM
After the flashback with Vargas, I was laughing my ass off as Nick began touching his ass as he walked over to the window, as if he had just been violated. Could it be Blake throwing out a clue? Doubtful, but something to ponder.

I miss this side of Victor! When Victor is away from Ruffles McRedMuff all is good. Magic needs to end. Why isn't Jenn going to Hope instead of Daniels pretend mom?

I am pissed I think this, but I am actually enjoying Rafe right now. He just needs to stay douchey and away from Salem's favorite vagina. Koslow and Gering have great chemistry. Is there anyone Koslow doesn't shine with? Although I despised Roman and Kate, they had their fans.

Jennifer, STFU. I hope Daniel gives her an STD or 3.

Kristen/Stefano :wub2:

Good to see more of Lucas, even if he was a tad over the top today.
I agree with all of this. My thoughts exactly.

I absolutely just DESPISE Jennifer though...I seriously cannot stomach her and I REALLY want to see her taken down and be humiliated....I just hate that she is going to end up on top just because she is freaking sweet as sugar Jenny Rose Horton....ugh!

I have never had such a 180 for a character like I have with Jennifer...the writers have totally destroyed the character beyond all help and hope...worst character assasination I have ever witnessed on this show to be honest.

I LOVE Rafe the douche...MORE of him please!! LOL

And Ruffles McRedMuff = :applause: :applause:

Maggie is a close 2nd for most destroyed character after Jennifer.

And I agree Magic needs to SO FUCKING end already...it was sweet at first...but Victor the quasi-villain has truly suffered because of the pairing and is just sickening as a sweet loving husband. Victor is an old chroney prick, with a dark edge and needs to be written that way!
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