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That was cute. I do have a gripe in that, um, we go like what feels like a year without seeing Liz with her sons. Seriously? Anyway ... Liz/Laura was nice. Felt a tad forced and awkward, IMHO, especially with the two kids.

Luke seeing Laura. Damn. I smiled the dumbest grin. Ugh. I don't want them back together "just because" ... I want to see it happen again. I don't think after all that happened they can just go about their merry lives. Cannot wait until later today!

Sabrina. You ARE destroying GH by being on EVERY FUCKING DAY along with Connie. Seriously Ron. Why are two women who have zippo to do with GH being featured SO much but we can weeks and weeks without Liz? Or hell, you couldn't even follow up with Sam/Caleb? Although I'm not going to lie, I didn't even realize it until I read someone post that. Whoops.

Frisco and Maxie was a total letdown. How can anyone root for Frisco? Is the writing even at all normal for him? Or is it just Jack Wagner? IDK. I like how much JJY and KW are being used right now. I love them together, Flea running off aside. I'll be beyond pissed if Flea runs off with Frisco. I just can't see it happening but who knows?

And Starr has NO business running a club. Although doesn't Blair? So I guess she could have SOME knowledge. But damn. Seriously?

I can't believe I'm even saying this because years of hating Sonny but man, they are REALLY wasting Maurice Benard on this Connie crap?
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