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Director: Albert Alarr
Scriptwriter: Janet Iacubuzio

Segment 1: Nicole comes out of a fantasy where Father Eric is in the confessional and she comes in and says 'Bless me Father for I will sin' and then she kisses the daylights out of him. She grabs her coat and purse and gasps when she opens the rectory door and Eric is there.

When Rafe tells Nick he knows what happened to him in prison Nick recalls the moments just before he was stabbed. Nick - A lot of things happened in there, it's prison. He gets up to leave but Rafe asks him to wait. I read your record. I know you were beaten, you were stabbed. Have you talked to Gabi about it? Nick - What's your point? Rafe - That's a lot of baggage to bring into a relationship. You're talking about starting a marriage, a family ... how do you expect to do that if you haven't been honest with your fiancee about your past.

Jen sits on a park bench and leaves a message for her Aunt Maggie. She just wants to talk to her about Daniel. Lucas is behind her. I knew it. Daniel broke your heart again, didn't he? Jen - Really? Eavesdropping now. All Lucas has to do is look at her face and he knows that Daniel has done it again. Jen - Dan didn't do anything. It was all me.

Chloe calls Daniel from the mansion. He tries to discourage her from coming because Parker is napping but Chloe wants to be with him so Dan caves but tells her she has to keep her visit short. There's someone at his door, he has to go. After he hangs up Chloe mutters - Keep it short? I don't think so. Victor hears this. Chloe sees Vic and says they have to talk. Vic - Yes we do. You see my dear I haven't had the chance to tell you how delighted I am ... no, let me take that back ... I'm over the moon that you are back here in Salem. Thank you God for answering my prayers. Chloe - If you're done being hilarious, it's my turn, and what I have to say is very serious.

Dan opens the door to Brady. He has a get well gift for Dan's son although it looks like it's his Dad who's not feeling so hot. Dan says he's just tired; not used to taking care of a toddler. Brady wonders if he talked to Jen and worked out everything that was bugging him. They sort of talked. When Brady asks what that means, Dan retorts - How often do you talk to Kristen and what needs to be said gets said? I rest my case.

Kristen is on the phone with Stefano. He thinks she sounds underwhelmed. No, she's thrilled that he's comimg back to Salem. Stefano is coming back sooner than he said. Maybe a little soon as far as you're concerned? Kristen - No, I'm kind of distracted. It's not about you. I'm rethinking things. She looks at a picture of her with Brady.

Segment 2: Nicole tells Eric that she thinks she's coming down with a cold and she doesn't want him to get it. Eric doesn't think that's the problem. She tells him he can think what he wants. Eric knows things got tense between them last night. I'm really glad that you stayed. You just seem so frustrated with me, with things. Nicole lists all the ways she had a really bad day. She has to jet - see you later.

Jen doesn't need the third degree. Lucas isn't doing that. He's expressing his concern. Jen - Can't you just say hello. Do you have to jump all over me? Lucas - When it comes to Daniel hurting you, yeah, I have a problem with that. I'm your brother and I care. Jen - Caring is fine but not to ask me questions that you already know the answers to. Lucas tells her he saw Chloe yesterday. She wants Daniel back, doesn't she? Now that Parker is Daniel's son after all, she's going to ... Jen doesn't want to talk to him about this please. Lucas goes on - And Daniel's got a problem historically with keeping it zipped. Jen - Are you for real right now? Lucas - I just don't want to pick up the pieces, that's all. Jen - I'll make sure your shoulder is the last one I come to cry on. Lucas - Fine, I'll come by the house later. Jen - Not if you're going to act like this, don't. Lucas - I have to. There's something I have to get out of the attic. He leaves. Jen is going to leave when Nicole comes by.

Chloe did an inventory of all the cleaning products in this house. Are you trying to poison my child? Vic - What the hell are you talking about? Chloe - I don't mean to be an alarmist here but there's not a single green product to be found nor is there a child safety lock on any cabinet. Any surface my son runs his finger across could sicken him and that worries me. Toxins are everywhere! Vic - Yes I know. I'm looking at one right now. Chloe - Also, do you know how harmful your drycleaner is. Vic - Oh for God's sake! Chloe - The chemicals they use are heinous. Don't you ever smell that on your shirts, suit ... disgusting! Next time you feel compelled to pick up my son, don't. And the same thing goes for Maggie. I forbid either one of you from picking up Parker until you switch drycleaning companies. Vic - You forbid me or Maggie to pick up Parker. Who the hell do you think you are? My wife is that child's grandmother. I will no more caution her about having contact ... You're living in my house, Chloe. Chloe - I know that and with all due respect if Parker and I decide to stay here some concessions need to be made. Vic - If you decide ... Vic walks away and Chloe smiles.

Kristen - A truly great plan requires flexibility, right Father? Stefano - Enough with this nonsense. The plan is still the same, is it not? Kristen - Crushing John, yes. I'm just not a 100% sure I have to break Brady's heart to do that. If I don't get the result I had in mind, what's the point? Cruelty for cruelty's sake? Stefano - Just tell me what's going on. Kristen - You just can't predict everything you're going to feel in this situation. Stefano - I see. So Brady fell for you as planned. What you did not plan is that you may fall for him, huh? He chuckles. Nailed it, didn't I?

Kate - You and Gabi are so young. What your're thinking of doing would be a lot for anyone. Nick - We're not just thinking about it Kate. I was at an altar with Gabi about to get married. Nobody had a problem with me being Gabi's husband until Will changed his mind about wanting to pe part of the baby's life. Rafe - Okay, okay. We understand that. We're not standing here telling you to change your plans for the future. Kate - We're asking you to be careful. Nick - You're asking me to give up Gabi. Rafe - No, dead wrong. Kate - That's absolutely not true. We're just suggesting that you try taking things more slowly. Rafe - We know you love Gabi. What difference is it going to make if you wait a while longer to get married. Nick - You already asked us to wait longer and now now you're asking us to wait longer ... you want us to wait until the baby is born, don't you? Kate - Yes. Nick - Well you can forget it. I respect you both but I promised Gabi a great life and I intend to give her that sooner rather than later. He leaves. Kate sighs - Okay, so that went well.

Segment 3: Kristen says she does not have feelings for Brady. Stefano - Don't play games with me. Kristen isn't. Just listen to me. If I do manage to convince Brady that he can't live without marrying me and I get him to the altar, what is the point when John's in Europe indefinitely. If John's not there to witness it, what's the point? Stefano - So you think it would be wrong to hurt Brady. I don't understand that because it never stopped you before. Why would it stop you now?

Dan isn't going to stand here and trash Jennifer but let's just say there's a pretty significant issue that came up and she's really slow to acknowledge it. Brady - So you're ticked off because she hasn't made the first move. I don't know the details but I know what Jennifer means to you. If there's an issue, bring it up, talk about it, resolve it. Dan - It's not that easy. Brady - Yes it is. Be direct and tell her what's on your mind. You're not in high school, talk to her.

Nicole comments that Jen looks worse than she feels and that's saying something. It's Chloe, isn't it? You didn't take my advice, did you? Jen really needs to go. Nicole - Wait. What did Chloe get on you that she then turned around and used on you ... Jen really doesn't want to talk about this right now. Nicole - You know what your problem is? Jen groans - Oh God, save me. Nicole - He doesn't really answer that quickly, trust me. Listen, your problem is that you're too nice. Jen - You didn't use to think that about me. Nicole - You can definitely hold your own but the problem is you revert back to your true nature, the good girl and that's when people try and take advantage of you which is what Chloe is doing right now. Jen - I took your advice and it backfired on me. I lied to Chloe about where Dan and I were going because I thought she would cry wolf the way she did the night before. So then I leave my phone at home, Danie's phone breaks, his son spikes a fever, I tell Chloe we're at a different club and that's where everything goes completely crazy. Nicole - That's an unfortunate circumstance however, did Daniel go through the roof? Jen - No he thought that is was a hoot that his son was so sick and he was unreachable because of me. Nicole - Are he and Chloe ... Jen - No. You do know that I don't back down in a fight as nice as you think I am. Nicole - Yeah and I do know how much you love Daniel, you always have, haven't you? Jen - Why do you say that? Nicole - Because even when you got back together with Jack you still couldn't turn your feelings off for Daniel, could you? Jen - No I couldn't. Nicole - So how did you do it? How could you walk away from Daniel when you cared for him as much as you did.

Chloe then hands Vic an estimate to clean out all the air ducts in this place. Vic - $80,000 to vacuum a pipe? Chloe - It's for all of us Victor. You, Maggie, the staff too. I notice your eyes get watery easily. Do you have a mold allergy? Vic - Let me review. You would like me to turn my house inside out and upside down because you're concerned about Parker, a child I'm not to go near because of my choice of drycleaners, where I might add, there is not a solution in existence that would wash away the stain that you have put upon my family. Chloe - There it is. I try and have a simple conversation about better overall health and you seize the opportunity to cut me down which I might add, you've been waiting to do since Parker and I got here. Vic - You bet your sweet life I've been waiting. You accuse my son Philip of rape falsely, don't bat an eye over that malicious lie. But then that little transgression pales to the way that you broke Brady's heart with your stilleto heels, forcing him into drugs. Chloe - Blame me because Brady is weak, because Philip has no character or ambition or even when he was born with that gigantic silver spoon in his mouth, can't seem to make a decent life for himself. Vic - That's it. Get out! I tried to make accomodations for you but you've pushed me too far. Get out and I don't want to see you in this house again. He leaves. Chloe mutters - Oh woe is me. Wherever shall I go now. She smiles.

Segment 4: Jen tells Chloe that's not an easy question to answer but I'm telling you it wasn't about loving one man more than the other. My love for Jack was different. He was the father of my children, he was my family and he worked so hard to get back to us so I thought it was a choice I was going to have to make when really it wasn't a choice at all. Daniel recognised that and that's when he pulled back. I guess the simple answer to that is going back to Jack and leaving Daniel was really tough but it was right for me and it was right for my children. And sometimes you have to do the difficult thing. I need to go. I'm sorry, I don't know if that made any sense at all. She leaves. Nicole - Yeah, that made more sense that you know.

Daniel gives Parker some toys to play with and then picks up his phone to make a call when there's a knock on his door. Chloe comes in with a suitcase. Victor threw me out. I'm homeless.

Vic hands Eric an envelope - Put this where you think it will do the parish the most good. Eric - Thank you. On a personal note, I'd like to say thank you for not pressing charges against Nicole, who's also very grateful. I'm sure you know that. Vic - I'm sure I don't give a damn. Eric - You know she's trying to change her life. Vic - Like every bad news bitch in the city. Bull! I know you're a priest now and I'm sure you believe in miracles but you're extremely naive if you think Nicole Walker is ever going to turn into a decent human being. That's one miracle that's never going to happen.

Rafe - He sure is devouted to my sister; I guess that's the good news. Kate - Kind of desperate devotion, don't you think? Almost as if he believes he's going to lose her at any moment. Rafe - Yeah well. I think she loves him as much as he loves her. Maybe he'll see that in time. What? Kate - I was just thinking how unexpected it is that my gay grandson made a baby with your sister and the two of us ended up in the same corner.

Nick is up in Gabi's room listening to the recording he made of Lucas and Will. I've got everything I need now to get what I want.

Segment 5: Kate - Maybe I should go look for Will. Maybe I can gauge more clearly what his mindset is about this whole state of affairs. Rafe doesn't think that's such a good idea. Kate - Afraid Sami might find out? Rafe - Yeah, sure. She isn't exactly thinking rationally. Kate - That's a shocker. I suppose we've done enough damage for one day. I better get back to work. Rafe has to get back to the station.

Lucas comes into the rectory ... Hey Eric ... he stops when he sees Nicole. That's great, my day just keeps getting better and better. Nicole is glad to be of service. Eric isn't here so get out. Lucas - I told him this wouldn't work. He didn't listen to me. He said everything would be cool, but here we are ... Nicole - What are you babbling about? Lucas - When Eric asked me if I'd serve on the church board I said no problem, I'd love to do it, as long as it didn't mean ... Nicole - Running into me? Lucas - Exactly. I have a problem with that. Nicole - Oh really? Why? Do you think you're better than me? You don't think I belong here?

Jen is at the mansion now with Maggie. She apologized to Daniel but she's not sure that was enough for him. Maggie - If he is upset, I'm sure he won't hold on to it too long. Jen says she left him a message, never heard back from him. She went to his place, he never even acknowledged the call so she thinks he is holding on to it. Maggie - Maybe you should ask him. Jen - The nurse told me she handed Daniel his messages, he read through all of them and threw them out. Maggie is confused. Your story makes sense, your actions don't.

Chloe - A few simple requests and he lost his mind on me. Dan - What kind of requests? Chloe - Childproofing the house basically. Vic instantly got furious and told me to leave and not come back. I think he's been looking for any lame excuse to throw me out of the house and he found one. Dan will talk to him. Chloe - There's no point. He's not going to listen to you or anyone else about this. And I can't really move into a place of my own until the 1st of the mouth. Can you imagine me and Parker living out of suitcase in a motel? I don't know how I'm going to make this work logistically or financially. Dan - Why don't the two of you move in here until you find a place? Chloe - Seriously! That is the most generous offer ever! Dan - It's for our son. I know he likes being here. Chloe goes in to hug him but Dan holds her back. I need to go take care of some things to make sure this works out. I'll be back in a bit. After he leaves Chloe asks Parker - Why didn't Mommy think of this sooner! This was perfect, so easy. In the hallway Dan is making a call. I was wondering if you had any rooms available starting tonight for a couple of weeks. No, just me. I have to move out of my apt for a little while.

Segment 6: Rafe and Kate are back in bed together.

Jen - What am I doing wrong? Maggie - You're here with me, not with Daniel. Did it ever occur to you that getting a piece of paper with a message on it - Call me - might not have been enough? Maybe saying how you feel in person to the person that you feel it for has a little more meaning. Jen understands that. I was waiting for him to do all the work. That note, I chickened out, didn't I? Maggie - Yes but it's correctable. That's the good news. Jen - You're amazing. I love you. Maggie tells her to go and talk to him. Tell him how you feel. Jen leaves. Vic comes into the foyer. Maggie - It's awfully quiet today. I'm guessing Chloe has gone out. Vic - Well that's one way to put it. I asked her to leave for good. I know we should have discussed it first but she pushed me too far. Insisting that I spend thousands upon thousands of dollars detoxing this house. And don't get me started on her insisting we change drycleaners. Maggie - That sounds ridiculous. She should be grateful to you for your hospitality. Vic - That woman is an absolute nightmare. Maggie - She's difficult, I agree. Please reconsider for my sake. It's wonderful for me having Parker here but isn't Chloe more trouble out there where we can't keep an eye then here where we can.

Lucas - I haven't seen a lot of you since I came back to Salem and that's just the way I like it. All I'm trying to do is the right thing, do a little charity, be a good citizen and I have to deal with you! Nicole - Doing charity work and bitching about it kind of negates the deed, don't you think! Lucas - I'm not bitching about the charity, I'm bitching about you. Nicole starts yelling back. Eric comes in. I can hear you two in the chapel. What's going on? Lucas - I told you I can't be in the same room as her not more than 5 secs before I'm going to tear my hair out. I should have listened to my gut about this whole thing and stayed away from it. Nicole - Yeah, you should have stayed away. Lucas - Don't tell me what to do. He leaves. Eric - What did you say to him? Nicole - What did I say to him! I was sitting here working and he walks in and tells me I don't belong here. He wasn't nasty about it but he's right. I don't belong here.

Kristen meets with Brady in the park. He's been doing some thinking. He's been through some rough times. I'm more careful now and then you came along and careful kind of flew out the window. Kristen - You seem a little nervous. He is. Kristen - Just say what you want to say. Brady - The thought of losing you rips me up. It's happened to me before and I don't want to go down that road again. Kristen - Are you saying you want to end things? Brady - No. I was talking to Daniel earlier giving him all this advice about how you shouldn't let something go when your heart tells you that it's right. And even if rushing into marriage is a big mistake, it doesn't mean that making a bigger committment has to be. I have an idea. My dad and Marlena are going to hate it but I think in time they'll see that it proves we're serious about one another. That's what I'm hoping for. Kristen - So what are you hoping for? Brady - For you to say yes.

Segment 7: Nick is at his laptop. Cue prison flashback. He paces. You think you know what happened Rafe, but you don't. Camera cuts to a prison cell where a guy is marking an X on a page and flipping to the next page that has a date circled on. The inmate is the one from Nick's flashbacks.

Brady - Let's get a place of our own, together. Not my place, not your hotel room. Let's live together. I want to live with you. I want you to say yes. Kristen - No, it's not going to work. None of this is going to work.

Eric - I know you and Lucas have a history. I was there. I was part of it. I didn't think it would explode in your face like this. I'm sorry. You've been so upset lately in general. Is it because of Lucas? Nicole - What! You still ... you don't think I'm hung up on Lucas, do you? Eric - I thought it was possible. Nicole - I thought you clerics could see through people's souls or something. Eric - I'm new at being a cleric. I haven't found my second sight yet. Nicole - I believe it otherwise you would know that yes I am still hung up on one man but it sure as hell isn't Lucas.

Lucas opens the door to Jen's house. It's Daniel. Lucas asks if he's looking for Jennifer. He is. Lucas - She's out. Dan - Do you know where she is? Lucas - Hopefully she's going to stick to what she told me about you, wherever she is. Dan - What are you talking about? Lucas - She doesn't want to see you anymore. In fact she wants nothing to do with you. Lucas leaves.

Jen comes up outside Dan's door and knocks. Chloe answers it. Jen - Wow, how did I not see this coming. Chloe - Can I help you? Jen - Yes, I really need to see Daniel please. Chloe - Please leave. Jen - I need to talk to him please. Chloe - I don't have time for this. I need to give my son a bath and then I need to finish unpacking. Jen - What did you just say? Chloe - Oh, you haven't heard? I'm moving in.
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