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Much prefers sweevil, snarky EJ over Father Figure Fucktard Eejiot.

Feb 19 2013, 10:21 AM
I forgot to mention that I thought Rafe and Kate were really good in their conversation with Nick. I have to give the writers credit for finding a way to bridge the two sides through the Rafe/Kate hook-up.

I also love how everybody's good intentions are totally going to backfire. Sami and EJ want to protect Will by insisting on the paternity test. Rafe and Kate want to protect Gabi and Will by warning Nick that his past could be a liablity and asking him to wait to marry Gabi. It's all with good intentions (well, except for Sami) but it's also all combining to help Nick make Gabi feel like she has to do whatever is necessary to avoid losing custody to Will. I honestly believe that Nick would never be able to manipulate Gabi into cutting Will out completely (now that the truth is out anyway) if all the well-meaning family members weren't constantly interfering and making her feel like she might lost her child.

I'm not saying that makes Gabi blameless, but I like messy storylines with conflicting motivations and people making bad decisions out of good (or at least understandable) motives.
I agree. I give major props to the writers for not going the predictable route of having the parents trying to out manipulate each other in this story but instead having them basically be the pawns of their overly helpful friends and family. It's even better that no one (aside from Nick) is intentionally trying to manipulate them for any sort of personal gain - they are all basically inserting themselves and making a much bigger mess of things out of what are geniunely good intentions. Throwing in scenes like Gabi and Will being supportive of one another and their respective love lives is a great way to showcase the fact that at their core, they care about and want the best for each other. It makes the story so much more layered and compelling.

I really hated how over the top grumpy and shouty Lucas was in this episode. Bryan D is a funny guy in real life - so why must Lucas be such a Victor, Jr. on the show? At least Victor can be dismissed as being curmudgeonly - Lucas just comes across as a bitter asshole when he's written like this. One scene of him arguing with one person - not a problem. Having him travel the canvas scene after scene picking fights? Major bummer.

Scheming Chloe is so much more fun than Poor Porno Chloe. I still can't wrap my head around the fact that Jennifer would be any sort of contest for her, though. At all.

Ericole = steamy hot. Really enjoying Nicole's fantasies - it's a good placecard until they can actually start ramping up genuine sexual tension between the two of them.
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