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I hate that all of Jennifer's complaints about Daniel are basically, "YOU ARE SUCH A NICE GUY!" I mean c'mon! He does have real flaws, Jennifer. They actually were interesting for a second when they were yelling over each other and Daniel said, "DONE!" Let us pray.

I was annoyed that Marlena was taunting Kristen, yet again. Then I realized that this is the push that Kristen needs to follow through with her initial plans for Brady. So way to go. Now she actually cares about Brady, but she cares more about sticking it to John and Marlena. I like that a lot.

Nicole and Eric stay flawless. All of their scenes. I'm enjoying the Hope/Nicole scenes so far and its been a while since I've felt like Hope had a meaningful scene, instead of something forced just to get her on TV. I do wish Kristian Alfonso could get a storyline, but I much rather see her like this instead of Jennifer's and Rafe's sounding board.

I'm glad Chloe and Maggie had it out like that. Maggie needs to chill out. Love how Chloe dissed Daniel, Jennifer, Maggie, and Lucas all at the same time LOL. Bitchy Chloe is a lot more enjoyable than "obviously being fake nice" Chloe. That's boring.

I'm glad Jennifer interrupted before Abigail started worshipping Daniel's every word and spreading it as gospel. Really enjoying also how people are popping in and out. John (even if as a fantasy), Hope, Maggie. usually you know every person you're going to see in the first 5 minutes. Today is GH-like in its unpredictability. And I love that.
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