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Feb 19 2013, 01:17 PM
What does Y&R have to offer DAYS really? If Stephen Nichols was still there I could see that. Right now there's nothing really. This is going to be a trade that only helps Y&R. I'm worried that Eileen Davidson is going to burn out again like she did last time on DAYS. I told Jamey Giddens that I didn't like the sound of this and he said its just for "guest spots." He then went on to say that Lisa Brown played two different roles on Guiding Light and As the World Turns and it worked out. Leading me to believe this could end ongoing if it works out. DAYS is just learning how to write for themselves. Cannot imagine if they have to write around Y&R's schedule.
Days already had lent Lauren Koslow all those years ago without exercising what they were supposed to get in return from the Bells at B&B. They've never interfered with SSH recurring occasionally, the way other soaps have done (like when Finola Hughes wasn't allowed to do a short term Y&R role by ABC). At some point Y&R will have something Days wants again. Days could have tried to bring Nichols back for Jack's death and S&K's divorce, but they never make the effort.

I don't really worry about Davidson getting burnt out, with Days' new shooting schedule. They will never do overtime the way they did in the 90's. I thought I remembered something about her shooting all her scenes by 10 in the morning... can't remember if that was Days or Y&R, but I'm more concerned about the writing getting burnt out on Kristen by overusing her, TBH.
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