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Viewing Single Post From: Tuesday, February 19th Daily Discussion
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Today was awesome again!!! :rockon: It went by really fast and I didn't want it to end.

The EJ/Marlena scenes were full of snark. EJ tried to extend an olive branch but heknew what was going to happen. At least he tried. I completely get Mar's POV so I didn't expect any different from her. However, the writers have shown that ejami this round is different from the previous rounds. Here's hoping ejami prove her wrong.

EJ/Brady, though short, was made of win. Hotness AND snark? My heart can't take it but I need more of it! :rockon:

I couldn't stop :laugh: at Chloe twisting the knife into Jen over moving into Daniel's place. Jen is such a dumbass to let her get under her skin. She knows what she is doing but she still lets Chloe win. At least we got a good Dannifer fight out of it. If we are going to suffer through their angst, might as well make it good.

Kudos to Big Red for seeing through Chloe's schemes. That's the only good thing I have to say about her today.

Ericole, the things you do to my heart! Glass Case of Emotion!!!! :frownie: It amped up to an 11 once Hope showed up and told Nicole that Eric would never give up on her. Finally, Nicole actually TRIES to stay away from an unavailable man but of course she does it when I want her to be with him! :facepalm: :laugh:

NuSyd looked Adorbs!!!!! :wub: Sucks for Nicole that Sydney barely remembers her. She was NOT impressed. lol That conversation between EJ and Nicole was made of win. EJ was glowing since the first minute of this episode (since post desk sex with Sami :laugh: ) and I loved how he gushed about being reunited with his Samantha. It didn't feel exactly boastful, he was just happy. Of course, Nicole was bitter. I expected no less. Damn, talk about piling up reasons why she should leave town. She doesn't have anything to keep her here.

But omg, don't shoot Father Pretty! :sheep:
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Tuesday, February 19th Daily Discussion · DAYS: News, Spoilers & Discussion