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There's a lot wrong with this story.

For starters, Chloe is the "villain". Don't get me wrong: scheming, snarky Chloe has been fantastic to watch, but it's just not the Chloe Lane I loved years ago.

Also, Jennifer is being written pathetically. I absolutely can't STAND it because she's one of my all-time favorite characters. She used to be strong and independant and funny, and now they're writing her like she doesn't have a brain outside of Daniel.

Finally, the writers need to start listening to the fans on this one. I'm not trying to be biased either because I actually was a Dannifer fan in 2011. But when 96% of SOD readers say they are against Dannifer, then clearly the writing for them has not been good. They need to bring Jack back and put an end to this, because this story is the wobbly wheel to an otherwise top-notch show.
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