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Feb 19 2013, 02:29 PM
Feb 19 2013, 02:12 PM
I still wonder how the fact that Will believes that Sonny slept with Brian is going to be revealed.
I don't think this matters at all. First of all, it's not clear that Will does indeed think Sonny and Brian sex. Even if it he does think that, he clearly doesn't care or else he would not have been so over the moon about reconciling with Sonny on Valentine's Day. Then there's the fact that Will has no business being a hypocrite by judging Sonny for sleeping with someone else given how they were not in a relationship at the time.
It has nothing to do with any of the reasons that you mentioned. As I've said elsewhere, I agree that Will doesn't care that Sonny supposedly slept with Brian (actually, "doesn't care" is probably a bit too flippant -- it certainly hurt Will to see Sonny with another man, but that hasn't made Will love Sonny any less, and, as I've said before, knowing Will, he probably felt like that was exactly what he deserved for hurting Sonny in the first place). For the record, I do believe that Will believes that Sonny slept with Brian, based on his reaction when Brian made the implication in the first place; however, even if we say, for the sake of argument, that Will doesn't believe that, Sonny still doesn't know that Will knows that Sonny kissed Brian -- again, Will "doesn't care" about this, but it's still a beat of the story that, IMO, it would be reasonable to expect the writers to play at some point).

Will wouldn't be a hypocrite because he wouldn't be -- and isn't currently, for that matter -- judging Sonny for supposedly sleeping with Brian. Hell, Will doesn't even necessarily need to be the one to reveal this information to Sonny directly -- there are other ways for Sonny to find out (like overhearing a conversation between Brian and Will, or trying to tell Will about kissing Brian and interpreting, based on Will's reaction, that Will thinks that more than just kissing took place, and that Will understands and isn't upset about that because they were not together at the time), which, again, would make it impossible for Will to look like a hypocrite.

But again, it has nothing to do with anything that you mentioned. The point of this detail being revealed is to let Sonny know that Brian was playing games with Will, which, based on everything that we know about Sonny, is something that will piss him off. It has nothing to do with Will's reaction and everything to do with Sonny's.

If that information is not revealed soon, then perhaps it means that Brant Daugherty wasn't available for more episodes at the time that this stuff was being filmed, and it will be revealed during that group date thing that's supposed to take place in April, where T tries to hook Brian up with Audrey's brother. But in any case, I do expect it to be revealed at some point, because I doubt that Brian would want Sonny to know about that particular piece of information.
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