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Feb 19 2013, 02:29 PM
I hope Sonny responds to Will's latest confession with a question along the lines of "Are there any other secrets you're hiding, Will?" Between the baby and attempted murder, Sonny would be wise to wonder what other skeletons are in Will's big ole closet.
I think that Sonny will understand why Will kept the attempted murder from him, since that's a crime that Sonny might have been obligated to report if he had known about it. That's not typically the kind of thing that you burden people with unless you absolutely have to (which is likely why Will's going to do so at this point, because he knows that someone is threatening to reveal that secret and, more importantly, because he wants to avoid losing Sonny again, since he knows just how painful that prospect is now). Especially not when the person whom you're revealing that information to is the son of a lawyer.

While it would make sense for Sonny to ask if Will is hiding anything else (and Will isn't, so it's not like that question poses any sort of threat to Will...although it could make Sonny look like a hypocrite for hiding Gabi's secret from Will, but that's another matter entirely, since it's not necessarily Sonny's secret to tell; that shouldn't stop Sonny from feeling conflicted, though), it would also make sense for him to feel like that's a completely different kind of secret than Gabi being pregnant with Will's child was.
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