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I totally agree with you!

My favorite scenes were by far Laura/Liz/AJ/Grandkids. It was a good nod to the past, although Liz didn't even ask about Laura's health! Like wtf!?! I just don't get it...

I love Sabrina and even though she is on 24/7 I don't mind it. She's a minor character to me.
Connie, however, is so annoying!!! I don't get how at times RC just obsesses over characters! (Todd and Heather this summer, Sabrina and Connie now) It's annoying!!

Starr is so annoying. She's everywhere. And it just doesn't make sense. I would never leave a town with ALL my family and friends to move to a town where no one is expect John/Michael/Todd.

RC has been letting me down since the beginning of 2013. The show is still great, don't get me wrong, but the ratings prove it hasn't been as good.
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