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Feb 19 2013, 04:21 PM
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Feb 19 2013, 01:48 PM
What gets me with these spoilers is the true conflict seems between Sami and Nick. Gabi and Will are incendential players in their pissing match, just forget the fact that they are the actual parents of this child. Sami threatens, Nick responds, and both are going to put the people they claim to love in prison or cause a miscarriage.
Yeah, a lot of people here have been blaming Sami and suggesting that she's endangering the life of her grandchild, but frankly, Nick is at least as guilty of doing this as Sami is -- his methods are different, but the resulting stress is still the same.

Of course, as I've been saying all along, I don't believe that Nick truly loves Gabi or the baby. At least I know that Sami truly loves Will and his baby. That makes her vastly more sympathetic to me, even if her actions are wrong.
I don't know about Sami being more sympathetic. Sami drew first blood so to speak, when she started making threats about taking the baby from Gabi. Then Sami's screetching lands Gabi in the hospital. What Nick should do is get a restraining order against Sami...instead he's using what he knows about Will to end the confrontations. Sami is going to fire back with what she knows about Gabi to do what...throw the pregnant girl in prison? Have her grandchild born in prison for its mother commiting a crime far less than what she has done herself while the town tells her what a good mother she is? Gabi and Will need to set Nick and Sami straight.
Sami didn't start making threats about taking the baby from Gabi. Rafe said that Will would be able to "see" the baby which infuriated Sami. She (like most rational people) thought that they would share custody. That set her off so she turned it on Rafe and said Will could get custody and let Gabi "see" the baby. At no time to this point has she said Will should go for full custody, but Rafe went running to Gabi and said the baby could be taken from her. Rafe is as guilty as anyone in this story of stirring the pot.
In my mind it's always Rafe's fault :biggrin: .
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