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Feb 19 2013, 09:49 PM
Today's episode was so chock full of snark.

And you know how I feel about snark. :wub:

Marlena & EJ...WIN. (and I do mean EJ. (Everett must've been back at the office desk sexing Sami)

Marlena & Kristen...WIN. (Kristen's temper tantrum with that pillow was to die for)

Brady & EJ...WIN. (Bite me...LOL)

One aside Brady, the only reason you got the upper hand on EJ was somebody else had already bopped him on the head.

EJ & Nicole....WIN. (I'll always enjoy them getting jabs in on each other. So happy they no longer tickle each other)

A couple of side notes...Ruffles McRedHead still isn't working for me away from Victor, whereas I love Vic away from Ruffles.

I could care less if Dan & Jen never speak again, so her trying to make things right made me want to take a nap.

I'm convinced Parker & Lucas are the same height. Did you see how far down Dan's body his legs were dangling? He probably wouldn't fit in that damn stroller.

NuSyd is cute.

Father FreakingHawt better not get shot. We can't mess up the Hawtness.

Hawtness, Pretty, & Arms all on one show. It's the trifecta of Lust.

I can't tell you the last time I FF anything on this show.
This. Post. Is. Everything. :hail: :hail: :hail:
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