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Sounds great! Can't wait. Nick is going to go crazy when he sees Will and Sonny are truly back together. About time this story turns more balanced with Sonny on Will's side and them two against Nabi. The fact this show is doing another first and giving two guys another love scene (or so it sounds) again shows just how ballsy DOOL is and not backing down on treating Will and Sonny like any other couple. Seeing the hate they get from some fans because of who they chose to share a bed with, I have to hand it to this show for sticking with them and not caving. All other shows would have caved and sent the romance away.

Will and Sonny aren't back together quick IMO. They have been split up for a month and all over no cheating and no suspected cheating. It was all over something Will didn't tell Sonny. Will and Sonny weren't even together and happy that long before the drama came. Them being split up now to me would not do the baby story justice as it would leave Sonny on the outside instead of in the meat of the story where he should be. I get the writing for John and Marlena isn't the best but I fail to see what Will and Sonny have to do with them.

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