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Feb 19 2013, 10:31 PM
Feb 19 2013, 08:34 PM
Watching the Dannifer argument right now....Those two are going to crash and burn their relationship, without Chloe scheming for very long.
Jennifer's ultimatium is blowing up in her face. She's losing Dr. Dan because of her nagging. Maybe, they will finally realize just
how incompatible they are. The sooner the better.
I'm amused to learn that Daniel's knee-jerk reaction to meeting Bitchifer for the first time was to high-tail it outta there. And somewhere in the ether, the astral plane, or wherever his consciousness is currently residing, Jack Deveraux is smirking. "I had to put up with that side of her for twenty years! Suck it up, Dr. Cowabunga!"

I really hope Dannifer are doomed, and Chloe's involvement isn't even necessary for the final blow-up. If I'm not mistaken, they would have been taping the scenes currently airing right about when the results of that infamous SOD poll came out. Only time will tell if TPTB had the sense to see the writing on the wall and pull the plug on this couple.
Now those were the days! Jack and Jennifer knew how to fight! I actually didn't mind the fight between Dan and Jen though. It actually was much more interesting than any of their lovey dovey, puke worthy scenes. still can't beat a J&J argument though. Oh, how I miss Jack!
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