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I'm so happy to know that Will and Sonny do indeed make love again when they reunite. I wonder if Nick will make his homophobia completely apparent when he tries to threaten Will.

Someone needs to tell Nick that, like it or not, he is not, and will never be, the father of Will's child.

I don't really understand why a notary is arriving -- Gabi can't put Nick's name on a birth certificate that doesn't even exist yet, so it has to be for something else, but I'm not sure what that is yet.

And I've said it before, and michr544125 already said the same thing above, but just to reiterate, I disagree that Will and Sonny are reuniting too quickly. It's been over a month, and they never stopped being in love with each other during the breakup. Furthermore, as we all know, this storyline is on a deadline -- the baby's going to be born in May, so Sonny can't stay away from Will for months "just because". The writers kept them apart for a reasonable amount of time while still allowing Sonny to get back into the baby storyline before it was too late to do so. That seems like a pretty good compromise to me. :shrug:

And yeah, Will and Sonny's storyline has nothing to do with John and Marlena's storyline, so I don't see how that's any more relevant than saying that this storyline shouldn't be good because Jennifer's storyline still sucks.
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