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The writers would have been better served it J&M were together and battling something neither of them had any level of control over. They've fought Stefano how many times and won. Satan, been there, done that. Sami & her constant blaming John for destroying her family - like she suddenly gives a S about family while dating a DiMera who raped her? But I digress... The thought of giving Marlena breast cancer would be intriguing. No ISA spy gear would help, no way to bring down Stefano & defeat his scheme... No, just John being strong for her - what he does best, and the rest of her family being there for her as well. They could have used this as a vehicle to bring back Belle and Shawn with Claire too. Hell, Stefano could even be a part of it to read to Mar while she slept... But she loses the breast to cancer & she has to go through the self-image issues...will John still love her? Is she still appealing to him? And who's there for her? Sami - who has watched her mom go through all of this & actually matured! Sami goes to John & tells him what's going on...a sort of physician-heal-thyself thing. Mar gets an implant & is cancer free, and now she's able to treat patients who go through these things with first-hand knowledge. J&M re-unite in the shower, on the kitchen table, his desk, her desk, the elevator... There are so many things the writers could have done if they had the guts to do so...but they chose a love-triangle? Meh - it's disappointing to see that NBC & Sony are so sold on TomSell, that a little housewife from MI could out-write them all. I'm not watching unless John and/or Marlena are on, and it's disappointing to see...but I'm holding out hope that they'll get back together.
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