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Viewing Single Post From: Wednesday, February 20th Daily Discussion
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Can't wait for Nancy to come breathe life into this Jennifer/Daniel/Chloe story because we are stuck in neutral again. It almost didn't suck for like two days, but we are back to being shit again.

I love Julie and love seeing Julie. SHE looks great, unlike her wardrobe. RIght now all I'm waiting for is this Sami/Julie showdown. Can't even concentrate on any of the other things happening until I get to see that. I hope Julie lays into her, but it sucks how its Julie/Nick vs. Sami/Will kinda. I hope it doesn't come off that way and comes off more about Julie's concern for the baby. Sami is just a Julie imitation anyway, so I hope Julie is a step ahead of her in their conversation.

That crackhead pistol whipping Eric right away made me sit up straight because I thought they were going to have some boring dialogue throughout the whole episode. At least now we know there are high stakes involved.

Rafe looks drunk every time I see him now. I wish he were because he's kinda boring me again. Not sure how I feel about the Nicole/Rafe friendship at all.

Abe and Theo were brave to step infront of that raging bull Jennifer on her beeline to Daniel's dick. She could have run them over. It was good to see Abe for half a second. I was really pissed how he was talking about the DAYSaster explosion and that piece of shit Jennifer was looking over his shoulder and brushing him off the whole time. Hey, your husband died in that explosion you dumb bitch.
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Wednesday, February 20th Daily Discussion · DAYS: News, Spoilers & Discussion