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Feb 18 2013, 02:41 PM
Chloe tells Abigail that her support of her motherís relationship is a stab in the back to Jack.
Um, wow. That should be amazing. I agree with Chloe so I hope this really gets Abigail thinking. At the very least it will put the thought in her head, probably permanently. I can't believe they're even bringing Jack up. Smart move by Chloe.
Unless it's TPTB's way of telling everyone who's still hung up on Jack that they're just as petty and mean mean mean as Chloe is being.

Personally I'd rather Abby be neither cheerleader nor demon child obstacle to her mother's romance. I'd like to see her having a problem with it but trying to be adult about letting her mother make her own choices (and perhaps even thinking that her mother has some weirdo unresolved issues that make her dependent on men, and being concerned for her about that). She's 20-something now, right? Let JJ be the problem child, it's time for Abby to leave her parents' love lives alone one way or the other, like normal adults who are not on soaps do.

Really if Abby caused too much of a fuss then she'd just be an obstacle for Dannifer to overcome anyway.
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