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See, I think this Kristen/Stefano story could be intriguing if they bothered to do it right. I'd rather have Kristen reveal all to Brady at the wedding, and then she blackmails him by showing him that she has someone watching John & Marlena, and that there are cameras, audio, etc in their house, so they always know what they're saying. They know that John & Marlena are working together on a plan to bring down Kristen and Stefano, and that it won't work because they're a step ahead. If Brady talks, they'll kill J&M. Brady has the threat of his parents being killed, J&M eventually have to figure out that Stefano is watching them, they could enlist Hope as help, and then they try to bring him down. I'm seeing a shower scene where they discuss what to do, after one of them figure out that their house is bugged (ala ALIAS' Sydney telling her fiance that she was CIA)... It's fun for the audience to guess where the story is going. Right now, there's no real investment, everybody KNOWS that Kristen's going to get Brady to the alter eventually and then either way, somebody's unhappy.
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