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Roman comforts Marlena, who is distraught over the state of her marriage
Ugh, someone help me. If this was Wayne Northrop I would be celebrating this spoiler like crazy. As things are now I just know its going to be horrible. Marlena and Roman used to be fire and these two don't look good together and they sure as hell have zero chemistry. I wish Josh Taylor wasn't Corday's golfing buddy because Roman should be close to a lead. Especially with Bo now gone. Sad.

Nicole almost confides in Chloe
Nicole has been giving Jennifer advice on how to deal with Chloe. I don't even understand why and this makes me understand even less. Are these two still friends? If so why is she helping Jennifer? Meh, whatever.

Gabi expresses deep concern about Nick
Surprised its taken this long. But its about time. He keeps giving her these awkward reassurances and its about time she's acting on. He says everything so surely that she has to be wondering what he's up to by now.

Kristen invites Chad to live at the mansion with her
YES! I'm not even excited about this spoiler, exactly. But very excited that the DiMeras are going to be under the same roof. Stefano's original reason for bringing Kristen back to Salem was supposedly because he wanted her to reunite the family and she was the only person who could do it. It seems like they're finally getting around to it. This should lead to some great moments.

Sami tells EJ that she wants Nick Fallon gone.
Uh oh. I hope EJ and Sami have nothing to do with Nick's prison buddy showing up in Salem because you know he's going to do damage to a lot more people than just Nick. I do like that they're scheming together. Its the only way that Sami and EJ will ever work out and avoid being boring.

Nick tells Gabi he wants to step up their plans
Not even sure what their plans are exactly, so I don't know what this means. Plans for marriage or plans for getting Will out of the baby's life?
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