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Feb 20 2013, 05:41 PM
Feb 20 2013, 11:32 AM
Feb 20 2013, 11:07 AM
Pretty rich to see MarMar warning EJ not to break her daugter's heart. Hm. Wasn't her advice to Carrie to go ahead and steal Rafe away from Sami, ergo, breaking her heart?

Bah. She's become such a hag that the only time I can stand her anymore is when she's getting schooled by Kristin.
No, that wasn't her advice to Carrie. What she basically said to Carrie was that she loved her and she better think long and hard before pursuing a relationship with Rafe because it would hurt a lot of people, but that she understood that sometimes the heart wants what it wants.

Not to mention that Marlena didn't know anything about Rafe and Carrie's relationship unti after the reveal of the EJ/Sami notdeadbabysex and after Rafe had already left Sami. So the circumstances were vastly different.
I don't care what the circumstances; if I ever say anything other than, "LEAVE YOUR SISTER'S HUSBAND ALONE!" to a daughter contemplating cheating on her own husband with her sister's estranged husband, I will know that I have failed as a mother. Jeesh, I get that it's a soap and all, but no matter the circumstances, Rafe was Sami's HUSBAND and MarMar wasn't acting much like a mother hen . . . except to Carrie.

Gah. I miss Carrie a lot; she was so annoyingly perfect and easy to hate and I loved the Brady girls love/hate dynamic.
And Rafe and Sami were separated because she had cheated on him. And if my mother ever tried to run my life and issue ultimatums, I know she has failed me as a mother. Marlena didn't advocate Carrie's potential action and warned her of how many people she would hurt. But she also said she loved Carrie and that wouldn't change. Pretty much the kind of thing I think a good mother would say.

And, as was pointed out, she didn't tell Sami to stay away from Austin either.
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