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Harlee Kin
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Feb 20 2013, 07:54 PM
Feb 20 2013, 05:50 PM
We all hope that Daniel will choose Chloe over you, Jen.

And then leave town.
I just want to know why so many Salemites seem to think it would be a Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Thing if Parker's parents reconciled and decided to give their relationship another shot. Yeah, Daniel's an egotistical ass and Chloe's currently a manipulative schemer, but once upon a time, they supposedly loved each other. He wanted her so much, he pursued her while she was engaged to another man. Chloe attempted suicide when he left her. They both made mistakes that contributed to the breakup of their marriage, BUT there were several other people muddying the waters and interfering in that relationship too. And maybe, if Parker's paternity test hadn't been tampered with, they might have tried harder to save the marriage, if only for the baby's sake. I take a dim view of Chloe's activities right now, but I can't blame her in the abstract, for wanting to put her marriage/family back together. And why isn't anyone at least conceding that it might be a good thing for Parker if his mother and father got back together? Based on what we've seen of Jen-Jen's parenting, she'd probably want to send the kid off to boarding school like JJ so she can have Daniel all to herself.

This storyline, on the whole, is just really, really bad. It might be infinitesimally less awful if the three principals were acting their age. But everyone seems stuck at the middle school level, hurling juvenile insults and using juvenile tactics. Even the emotions seem stunted and childish, from Jen-Jen's obsessiveness to Chloe's taunts to Daniel's apparent cluelessness. He could set Chloe straight in five minutes if he really tried. I still think he enjoys having her and Jennifer fighting over him.
Every since Daniel found out Chloe had a Philip's baby he has become duller and almost numb. It is not like him NOT to be getting on with a girl he is dating since he was groping most of his patients, remember the dinner where he was flirting with both Kate AND Chelsea? He seems to be in a zombie like state, I thought it was pretty horrible the way he dumped Chloe, then again she had been lying to him for months so it was a bad situation all together.

The storyline now is very very bad, it is very Middle School and it is making me intensely dislike Jennifer.
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