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Feb 20 2013, 12:14 PM
I may be in the minority, but I love Sonny and Connie. I think Bernard and Sullivan have chemistry. I liked Sullivan playing Kate, but I like her playing Connie much more. And I think Sonny and Connie work better. Connie reminds me a lot of Sarah Brown's Carly. That might be why I feel like she and Sonny work so well.

I love that Carlivati is going back to the storyline that put GH on the map for the 50th anniversary. I'm already intrigued in this Ice Princess stuff. And how it looks like it'll be what unites Luke and Laura. The minute they looked at each other when Lulu revealed the "diamond," I could just see them coming together to protect their daughter, who is obviously the target this generation, and finding their way into each other's hearts as well.

Wagner is absolutely terrible. I do like Frisco coming to Maxie's aide though with Britt. At first, I wanted Maxie to give Frisco the same hell she gave Felicia, but after thinking about it more, it makes more sense for Maxie to be easier on Frisco. Sure, he's missed more of her life than Felicia, but Maxie has obvious daddy issues. She'd be willing to forget Frisco's abandonment in order to spend time with him.

I just love Felix. He cracks me up every time he's on.

Olivia's vision of Steve being stabbed was kind of graphic, no? :ermmmm: It looked like his guts were spilling out.

Spinelli and Ellie are so cute together. I hate that they probably won't make it out of this together. I'll never understand the appeal of Maxie and Spinelli.
I agree, I like sonny and Connie, kate was boring and Connie and sonny started this love thing in Bensonhurst, I prefer Starr with Michael more than Abby. Never was a Lucy fan and still not. She overacts and I cringe when she calls herself the slayer.
Will really miss Starr, John and especially todd when they have to leave, hopefully nt long. They don't have a story in Llanview anymore. Genie Francis said in an interview nt long ago that if she came back she doesn't want to go back to luke and Laura. They're not the same people anymore. I agree.
I'm enjoying Frisco. What he looks like is older, just like Laura, Anna, Scorpio. They were on the show 30 yrs ago. They should look older. If only Taylor from B& B, Kate from DOOL, realized how awful they look with 20 lbs lips. Seeing
them 30 yrs ago, they look great and thin lipped.
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