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People are still watching here, right?!

I have to say I LOVE this new top 40 format for the show! Nice!

I'm going to call it early - Kree Harrison is going to take this season by storm! AMAZING performance. I really hope she comes out of her shell though. That's my only problem with her. She seems really closed off and sheltered when she's not singing. Did she even genuinely smile one time?

Amber Holcomb...is it just me is is she a Superstar in the making? OMG! Her performance was breathtaking as well, she's my second runner up so far. I love her voice, personality & just overall demeanor. She really stands out.

Adriana stood out as well. Her, Amber & Kree are the only ones I care about out of the bunch at this point. Looking forward to the next 10 girls next week.

Shubha Vedula though :(:(:( I was SO sad to see her get sent home. Ok her performance was a bit on the messy side, not vocal wise but just the arrangement of the song really killed it. But damn that girl was a firecracker and I just loved her spirit. She was so good during Hollywood week. I wish she had gotten another chance but oh well

Overall I thought the judging was on point. One thing I think they need to do is start with a different judge critiquing after each performance instead of always starting with Keith all the time, because it's really grating how Mariah's always last.

Nicki & Keith are totally BFF's and I love it!

Nicki's critique on Kamaria (who did absolutely dreadful): "My darling, you look very nicely styled today. I love your outfit. Your makeup is beautiful. Your hair is workin', yes ma'am, okay? Be prouda'dat. What I never noticed until tonight was this throaty, twangy thing you were doing. The last time I remember you singing in group round, I didn't hear that. So I don't know if you put that on for this song, I don't know if that was supposed to be like a little swag on it, but it didn't work, babe. It didn't. But you look amazing."
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