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I think the Wilson story could be so much better written and even a different direction . I just don't like Gabi and I hope she gets nailed for what she did to Mel.
I watch dool to day and I didn't push the ff button so much. I think the ptb have plans for Lucas and Nicole but I would think ej/Sami/Lucas story would be better. did you notice the chemistry between rafe and Nicole today. I hated rafe and sami together rafes acting was kinda flat often but him with Nicole in scenes today was very enjoyable to watch. rafe with kate I almost puked. why don't they put her on hiatus for 6 month instead of pushing the broad in our faces. she really don't do anything but say the same things over and over. the sky is blue, its a blue sky,isn't the sky a lovely blue....irritating isn't it so is years of sammi leave lucas or Austin alone that what she's been doing for years. bring on more Wilson and for goodness sake, let sunny show some emotion the acting is to flat. come on people start suggesting story believe me these boards are read by dool ptb. lets have strong voice its slowly working. :cheers:
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